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1219 Capital is a Mid-Atlantic based private equity firm providing growth solutions to lower-middle market companies. Through a combination of capital and operating expertise, 1219 Capital focuses on thematic fit in and around tech-enabled B2B solutions and outsourced services sectors

1219 Team

1219 Team

Ian Nabb

Co - Founder

Managing Partner

Deal Sourcing, Investment,

and Portfolio Management

Eric Sprehe

Co - Founder

Managing Partner

Portfolio Operations, Investment

Transformation and Growth

What We Do

1219 partners with management to cement stability, grow the top and bottom lines, and prime for long-term success. Our strategy mitigates risks and creates clarity needed to accomplish growth.

1219 works side-by-side with management teams to define and execute financing solutions and identify opportunities inside the organization to improve its operation. We do this through active implementation and change management to gain highest fidelity of results and ensure seamless execution.

We are participants and leaders that guide the company through times of transition to enable further growth, enhance future results, and empower even greater success.

Company Traits

We know first-hand what it takes to fund, operate, and manage a business in today’s competitive environment.

1219’s key traits foster a deep partnership that adds positivity and momentum to the execution of any business

Nearly 20 years of combined financing and operational expertise in technology-enabled and financial services companies. Capital is not the only thing that 1219 brings to the table; we optimize business execution as well to achieve maximum results. The combination of our hands-on operational approach and investment expertise sets us apart as a truly comprehensive partner.

Comprehensive Expertise

We are problem solvers driven by an inner curiosity and we value that quality in our partners. We not only seek to continually expand our knowledge, but also the opportunity to pass that knowledge on to others. 1219 helps guide companies over speed bumps and through road blocks that can slow progress. We have a passion for addressing challenges head on, giving people the opportunity to learn and grow.

Teaching and Learning

Deep relationships are essential and maintaining sight of your beginnings can empower your future. The name 1219 pays homage to the address where the founders were first united over a decade ago. We put our relationships to work and our partnerships are an extension of 1219. If we do not offer a comprehensive solution, we will tap into our network to find the right solution to meet your company’s needs. 

Deep Relationships & Network

We practice what we preach. By leveraging tech solutions and outsourced services, we are able to focus our time on engaging with management teams. The result is direct access, clarity, and consistency throughout our partnership. 1219 believes in cultivating an open, positive environment where frequent feedback is encouraged, guaranteeing critical alignment. 

Direct Access

What We Do
Company Traits
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